Urban Local Body Report
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Basic Details Name of ULB    
Solid Waste Management Solid Waste Generated (TPD)    
Number of Wards    
Number of Wards 100% Door to Door Collection Timeline for 100% Achievement
Number of Wards 100% Segregation at Source Timeline for 100% Achievement
Are User Charges recovered from Garbage collection
(In Rupee/Absolute Value)
From Domestic:  From Commercial:    
Litter Bins and Transportation Have Twin litter Bins installed in market areas    
Number of Vehicles used for Garbage transportation    
Number of Vehicles used for Garbage transportation with GPS    
Waste Processing Technology and Legacy Waste Sites Technology used for Dry Waste Processing If being sent to Cement  Industry:   Cement plant name:    
Technology used for Wet Waste Procesing    
Arrangements for Disposing RDF If being sent to Cement  Industry:      
Material Recovery Facility Status Area (Sq.meter):  
Legacy Waste Being Processed/Not Timeline for 100% Achievement
Bulk Waste Generator Number of Bulk Waste Generators identified    
Number of BWGs processing their own waste Timeline for 100% Achievement
Street Sweeping Residential Areas    
Market Areas    
Vulnerable Points Vulnerable points have been identified    
How many locations have measures been taken to prevent solid waste entering water bodies Timeline for 100% Achievement
  Ragpickers Identified    
  Ragpickers-I card issued    
  C&D waste site identified  
  Nunber of Incinerators installed    
  Citizen Grievance Redressal Mechanism  
Note: The report is generated on the inputs entered by respective Urban Local Body